textiles andinos
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Textiles Andinos was created in 1998 after her founder made a long and intensive trip to the high Andes of Argentina and Bolivia.

Textiles Andinos has two proposals:
Home Collection: throws, table mats, cushion covers and rugs.
Fashion Collection with accessories such as shawls and scarves.
Textiles Andinos offers two lines:
Handcrafted line which combines contemporary designs with antique weaving techniques on manual looms and traditional weavers creating a noble, sophisticated, elegant and eternal fabric.

Semi Industrial line in 100% llama fiber, 100% cotton, 100% yute, llama and cotton combed and uncombed, cotton and yute.

Adriana Barreda, founder of Textiles Andinos is an etnophotographer (she published two books: Images of a Forgotten Nation and Imagenes de las Alturas), TV producer, attorney in tourism and was director of Contempora Art Gallery in Buenos Aires (www.artcontempora.net). Thirteen years ago she decided to change her lifestyle and moved to Cachi Adentro, Province of Salta, North of Argentina, where she found and ideal landscape for her inspiration and contact with an authentic lifestyle which also enabled her to integrate with local weavers.
Now she is also committed to the project of Finca Santana (www.fincasantana.com)